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    • Yin Yang 1 as a prognostic factor 

      Zaravinos, Apostolos; Spandidos, Demetrios A. (2009-05-01)
    • Yin yang 1 expression in human tumors 

      Zaravinos, Apostolos; Spandidos, Demetrios A. (2010-02-01)
      The Yin Yang 1 (YY1) transcription factor has been identified to target a plethora of potential target genes, the products of which are important for proliferation and differentiation. The mechanisms of YY1 action are ...
    • “Young faces in old places”: Perceptions of young cultural visitors for the archaeological site of Delphi 

      Boukas, Nikolaos (2012-10-26)
      The purpose of this paper is to identify young cultural visitors’ perceptions towards culture and cultural heritage destinations. This study, based on a survey conducted in the archaeological site of Delphi in Greece, ...
    • Youth Visitors' Satisfaction in Greek Cultural Heritage Destinations: The Case of Delphi 

      Boukas, Nikolaos (2013-08-01)
      Greece is a country with significant cultural wealth, developed mainly as a mass destination. However, the existing mass form of tourism has become saturated, and the need to move to new markets by offering more diversified ...
    • Zero Accident Vision based strategies in organisations: Innovative perspectives 

      Zwetsloot, Gerard I.J.M.; Kines, Pete; Wybo, Jean Luc; Ruotsala, Riikka; Drupsteen, Linda; Bezemer, Robert A. (2017-01-01)
      The Zero Accident Vision (ZAV) is a promising approach developed in industry, but not so much addressed by the safety science research community. In a discussion paper in Safety Science (2013) a call was made for more ...
    • Untitled 

      Esposito, Francesco; Lim, Chetana; Sa Cunha, Antonio; Pessaux, Patrick; Navarro, Françis; Azoulay, Daniel; Cossé, Cyril; Lignier, Delphine; Régimbeau, Jean Marc; Barbieux, Julien P.; Lermite, Émilie; Hamy, Antoine P.; Mauvais, François; Laurent, Christophe; Naasan, Irchid Al; Azoulay, Daniel; Salloum, Chady; Compagnon, Philippe; Idrissi, Mohammed Sbai; Martin, Frédéric; Atger, Jérôme; Baulieux, Jacques; Darnis, Benjamin; Mabrut, Jean Yves; Képénékian, Vahan