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    • We strongly support childhood immunisation-statement from the European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP) 

      Dornbusch, Hans Jürgen; Hadjipanayis, Adamos; Del Torso, Stefano; Mercier, Jean Christophe; Wyder, Corinne; Schrier, Lenneke; Ross-Russell, Robert I.; Stiris, Tom Arne; Ludvigsson, Jonas Filip (2017-05-01)
      The eradication of smallpox and the elimination of several other infectious diseases from much of the world has provided convincing evidence that vaccines are among the most effective interventions for promoting health. ...
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      Esposito, Francesco; Lim, Chetana; Sa Cunha, Antonio; Pessaux, Patrick; Navarro, Françis; Azoulay, Daniel; Cossé, Cyril; Lignier, Delphine; Régimbeau, Jean Marc; Barbieux, Julien P.; Lermite, Émilie; Hamy, Antoine P.; Mauvais, François; Laurent, Christophe; Naasan, Irchid Al; Azoulay, Daniel; Salloum, Chady; Compagnon, Philippe; Idrissi, Mohammed Sbai; Martin, Frédéric; Atger, Jérôme; Baulieux, Jacques; Darnis, Benjamin; Mabrut, Jean Yves; Képénékian, Vahan