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dc.contributor.authorTafiadis, Dionysios C.
dc.contributor.authorChronopoulos, Spyridon K.
dc.contributor.authorHelidoni, Meropi E.
dc.contributor.authorKosma, Evangelia I.
dc.contributor.authorVoniati, Louiza
dc.contributor.authorPapadopoulos, Periklis
dc.contributor.authorMurry, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorZiavra, Nausika
dc.contributor.authorVelegrakis, George A.
dc.creatorTafiadis, Dionysios C.
dc.description.abstractVoice disorders often remain undiagnosed. Many self-perceived questionnaires exist for various medical conditions. Here, we used the Greek Voice Handicap Index (VHI) to address the aforementioned problem. Everyone can fill in the VHI questionnaire and rate their symptoms easily. The innovative feature of this research is the global cut-off score calculated for the VHI. Therefore, the VHI is now capable of helping clinicians establish a more customizable treatment plan with the cut-off point identifying patients without normal phonation. For the purpose of finding the global cut-off point, a group of 180 participants was recruited in Greece (90 non-dysphonic participants and 90 with different types of dysphonia). The voice disordered group had higher VHI scores than those of the control group. In contrast to previous studies, we provided and validated for the first time the cut-off points for all VHI domains and, finally, a global cut-off point through ROC and precision-recall analysis in a voice disordered population. In practice, a score higher than the well-estimated global score indicates (without intervention) a possible voice disorder. Nevertheless, if the score is near the threshold, then the patient should definitely follow preventive measures.
dc.relation.ispartofScientific Reports
dc.titleChecking for voice disorders without clinical intervention: The Greek and global VHI thresholds for voice disordered patients
elsevier.coverdisplaydate1 December 2019

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