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dc.contributor.authorSipsas, Nikolaos V.
dc.contributor.authorPagoni, Maria N.
dc.contributor.authorKofteridis, Diamantis P.
dc.contributor.authorMeletiadis, Joseph
dc.contributor.authorVrioni, Georgia S.
dc.contributor.authorPapaioannou, Maria
dc.contributor.authorAntoniadou, Anastasia C.
dc.contributor.authorPetrikkos, Georgios L.
dc.contributor.authorSamonis, George J.
dc.creatorSipsas, Nikolaos V.
dc.description.abstractThere are concerns that the financial crisis in Greece negatively affected the management of invasive fungal infections (IFIs) among patients with hematological malignancies (HM). A working group (WG) was formed to explore the situation and make recommendations. A questionnaire was created and distributed to physicians caring for patients with HM, to gather information in a standardized manner on prescribing physicians, patient characteristics, availability of diagnostics, antifungal treatment practices and the conditions and particularities of Greek hospitals. A total of 141 physicians from 36 hematology units and laboratories located in 26 Greek hospitals participated. Regarding hospitalization conditions, only 56% reported that their patients were treated in isolated single or double bed rooms, 22% reported availability of HEPA filters, 47% reported construction works in progress, and an alarming 18% reported the presence of birds on open windows. Regarding diagnosis, only 31% reported availability of biomarkers for diagnosis of IFIs, 76% reported that CT scans were performed in a timely fashion, 42% reported prompt availability of broncho-alveolar lavage, and only 6% availability of therapeutic drug monitoring. Of concern, 26% of the responders reported non-availability of some antifungals. In conclusion, significant challenges exist for the optimal management of IFIs in patients with HM in Greece.
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of Fungi
dc.titleManagement of invasive fungal infections in adult patients with hematological malignancies in Greece during the financial crisis: Challenges and recommendations
elsevier.coverdisplaydateSeptember 2018

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