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    • Breast cancer 

      Lambert, Arthur W.; Ozturk, Sait; Wong, Chen Khuan; Papageorgis, Panagiotis; Thiagalingam, Sam (2015-01-01)
      The notion that breast cancer is not a single disease but many – that there is considerable heterogeneity among different tumors – is not new, having been observed by physicians for decades. But with the advent of powerful ...
    • Cancer metastasis 

      Ozturk, Sait; Lambert, Arthur W.; Wong, Chen Khuan; Papageorgis, Panagiotis; Thiagalingam, Sam (2015-01-01)
      Metastasis is the cause of almost all cancer-related deaths. It is an extremely complex, multistep process defined as the spreading of cancer cells from their primary site to distant tissues. Once metastasis occurs it ...
    • Epigenetic dysregulation of HTR2A in the brain of patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 

      Abdolmaleky, Hamid Mostafavi; Yaqubi, Sahab; Papageorgis, Panagiotis; Lambert, Arthur W.; Ozturk, Sait; Sivaraman, Vadivelu; Thiagalingam, Sam (2011-07-01)
      ntroduction: HTR2A gene has been the subject of numerous studies in psychiatric genetics because LSD, which resembles serotonin causes psychosis and atypical antipsychotic drugs target the HTR2A receptor. However, evidence ...
    • Exploring the nano-surface of collagenous and other fibrotic tissues with AFM 

      Stylianou, Andreas; Gkretsi, Vasiliki; Patrickios, Costas S.; Stylianopoulos, Triantafyllos (2017-01-01)
      Atomic force microscope (AFM) is a powerful and invaluable tool for imaging and probing the mechanical properties of biological samples at the nanometric scale. The importance of nano-scale characterization and nanomechanics ...
    • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) 

      Zaravinos, Apostolos; Mammas, Ioannis N.; Sourvinos, George; Spandidos, Demetrios A. (2016-04-19)
    • Multiscale modelling of solid tumour growth: the effect of collagen micromechanics 

      Wijeratne, Peter A.; Vavourakis, Vasileios; Hipwell, John H.; Voutouri, Chrysovalantis; Papageorgis, Panagiotis; Stylianopoulos, Triantafyllos; Evans, Andrew T.; Hawkes, David J. (2016-10-01)
      Here we introduce a model of solid tumour growth coupled with a multiscale biomechanical description of the tumour microenvironment, which facilitates the explicit simulation of fibre–fibre and tumour–fibre interactions. ...
    • Nanoparticles for Diagnosis and/or Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease 

      Antimisiaris, Sophia G.; Mourtas, Spyridon; Markoutsa, Eleni; Skouras, Athanasios; Papadia, Konstantina (2014-05-19)
      Recent attempts to develop nanoparticulate systems for diagnosis and/or therapy of neurodegenerative diseases, with main focus on Alzheimer's Disease (AD) are presented. Since the main obstacle to treat brain-located ...
    • Systems modeling of proliferation mechanisms in childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 

      Lambrou, George I.; Zaravinos, Apostolos; Adamaki, Maria; Vlahopoulos, Spiros (2012-12-01)
      cute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) is the most common neoplasm in children, but the mechanisms underlying leukemogenesis are poorly understood, despite the existence of several theories regarding the mechanics of leukemic ...
    • TGFβ and BMP signaling in cancer 

      Papageorgis, Panagiotis; Lambert, Arthur W.; Ozturk, Sait; Thiagalingam, Sam (2015-01-01)
      Cancer progression is modulated by aberrant expression and secretion of cytokines at various stages. TGFβ and BMP belong to a superfamily of around 40 secreted cytokines that regulate a plethora of biological responses in ...