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    • Principles for integrating reactive species into in vivo biological processes: Examples from exercise physiology 

      Margaritelis, Nikos V.; Cobley, James N.; Paschalis, Vassilis; Veskoukis, Aristidis S.; Theodorou, Anastasios A.; Kyparos, Antonios; Nikolaidis, Michalis G. (2016-04-01)
      The equivocal role of reactive species and redox signaling in exercise responses and adaptations is an example clearly showing the inadequacy of current redox biology research to shed light on fundamental biological processes ...
    • Reductive stress after exercise: The issue of redox individuality 

      Margaritelis, Nikos V.; Kyparos, Antonios; Paschalis, Vassilis; Theodorou, Anastasios A.; Panayiotou, George; Zafeiridis, Andreas; Dipla, Konstantina; Nikolaidis, Michalis G.; Vrabas, Ioannis S. (2014-01-01)
      Exercise has been consistently used as an oxidant stimulus in redox biology studies. However, previous studies have focused on group differences and did not examine individual differences. As a result, it remains untested ...