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    • Bank-SME relationships: 'Poked' by the recent changes in the economic and technological environment 

      Ioannou, Myria C.; Yiannaki, Simona Mihai (2012-12-01)
      The chapter synthesizes extant interdisciplinary literature, by putting together a combination of relationship management theories as well as banking, economics, and finance theories, and blends this with findings from an ...
    • Cases illustrating risks and crisis management 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai (2011-12-01)
      Undoubtedly, the nature of the relationships between business and risk factors in one country or another does not fit exactly into a "model" nor does it have a pure placebo effect. Yet, models' simplicity may appeal to ...
    • Creativity in business schools - post financial crisis implications 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai; Savvides, Savvas C. (2012-05-01)
      Purpose: This paper aims to highlight for the first time, creativity's vital role in a new approach in the higher education world which can improve the current university instructional strategies post financial crisis. ...
    • Editorial 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai; Giacosa, Elisa (2018-01-01)
    • Editorial 

      Bresciani, Stefano; Yiannaki, Simona Mihai (2017-01-01)
    • Editorial 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai; Rios-Morales, Ruth (2013-03-12)
    • Editorial 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai; Rios-Morales, Ruth (2013-04-16)
    • ETFs Performance Europe - A Good Start or Not? 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai (2015-01-01)
      Under the premises that the U.S. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) hold over 70% of the ETFs’ World market, it seems that the European ones have been either under-researched or less demanded. This study provides some insights ...
    • Interest Rates Liberalization or Economy Control: The Case of the Chinese Banking System 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai; Rios-Morales, Ruth (2015-04-03)
      The Chinese Central Bank decided on June 8 and July 6, 2012, on the duplication and consecutive cut of the deposit and loan interest rates, together with the simultaneous loosening of the interest rate floating range of ...
    • Special issue on: Risk management for SMEs and corporations 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai; Stokes, Peter John (2012-10-05)
    • Tales of motives in bank M&As in emerging markets 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai (2013-09-01)
      For the past 12 years volatile waves of M&As and divestments in the banking sector were generated by numerous, but often similar motives. This article analyses the motives behind bank M&As regarding the acquirer's and the ...
    • To hedge or not to hedge during the financial crisis: A case study 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai (2013-04-16)
      Based mainly on secondary research analysis this case study tracks down foreign exchange risk as exposure during the recent financial crisis (March 2007 to February 2010). The author picked up a value of €100,000 traded ...
    • Where to? - The EU unemployment post crisis 

      Yiannaki, Simona Mihai (2011-08-01)
      The paper combines under a literature review, secondary and tertiary data analysis, a unique construct of three perspectives: the new classical macroeconomics theory related to unemployment, a finance approach of the ...