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    • Individualised sensory intervention to improve quality of life in people with dementia and their companions (SENSE-Cog trial): Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial 

      Regan, Jemma L.; Frison, Eric; Collin, Fidéline; Dawes, Piers; Mark Hann, Mark; Himmelsbach, Ines; Hooper, Emma; Reeves, David J.; Simkin, Zoë; Thodi, Chryssoula D.; Yang, Fan; Leroi, Iracema; Abrams, Harvey; Chaghil-Boissière, Nathalie; Charalambous, Pavlina; Constantinidou, Fofi; Gilbert, Camille; Helmer, Catherine; Jury, Francine; Kontogianni, Evangelia; Lawlor, Brian A.; Matard, Charly; Montecelo, Susana; Marié, Sarah; Politis, Antonios; Postea, Otilia; Renaud, David; Termote, Monique; Wolski, Lucas (2019-01-25)
      Background: Hearing and vision impairments are highly prevalent in people with dementia and may have a negative impact on quality of life and other dementia-related outcomes. Intervening to optimise sensory impairment and ...