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    • Discovery of two supernovae in the nuclear regions of the luminous infrared galaxy IC 883 

      Kankare, Erkki; Mattila, Seppo S.; Ryder, Stuart D.; Väisänen, Petri H.; Alberdi, A.; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Colina, Luis; Efstathiou, Andreas; Kotilainen, Jari K.; Melinder, Jens; Pérez-Torres, M. A.; Romero-Cãizales, C.; Takalo, A. (2012-01-10)
      We report the discovery of two consecutive supernovae (SNe), 2010cu and 2011hi, located at 037 (180pc) and 079 (380pc) projected distance, respectively, from the center of the K-band nucleus of the luminous infrared galaxy ...