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    • European association for endoscopic surgery (EAES) consensus statement on single-incision endoscopic surgery 

      Morales-Conde, Salvador; Peeters, Andrea; Meyer, Yannick M.; Antoniou, Stavros A.; Del Agua, Isaías Alarcón; Arezzo, Alberto; Arolfo, Simone; Yehuda, Amir Ben; Boni, Luigi; Cassinotti, Elisa; Dapri, G.; Yang, T.; Fransen, S.; Forgione, A.; Hajibandeh, S.; Hajibandeh, S.; Mazzola, M.; Migliore, M.; Mittermair, C.; Mittermair, D.; Morandeira-Rivas, A.; Moreno-Sanz, C.; Morlacchi, A.; Nizri, E.; Nuijts, M.; Raakow, J.; Sánchez-Margallo, F.M.; Sánchez-Margallo, J.A.; Szold, A.; Weiss, H.; Weiss, M.; Zorron, R.; Bouvy, N.D. (2019-04-15)
      Background: Laparoscopic surgery changed the management of numerous surgical conditions. It was associated with many advantages over open surgery, such as decreased postoperative pain, faster recovery, shorter hospital ...