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    • A position paper on improving preparedness and response of health services in major crises 

      Liapis, Aggelos; Kostaridis, Antonis; Ramfos, Antonis; Hall, Ian M.; DeGaetano, Andrea; Koutras, Nikolaos; Dobrinkova, Nina; Leventakis, George; Olunczek, Andrej; Seynaeve, Geert; Boustras, Georgios (2015-01-01)
      There exists a huge variety in the occurrence and characteristics of major incidents. Incident management stakeholders and in particular emergency health service providers have to deal with two basic challenges: The ...
    • Optimisation of preparedness and response of health services in major crises using the IMPRESS platform 

      Dimopoulos, Christos; Dobrinkova, Nina; Finnie, Thomas; Thompson, James; Hall, Ian; Boustras, Georgios; Danidou, Yianna; Efstathiou, Nectarios; Psaroudakis, Chrysostomos; Koutras, Nikolaos; Eftichidis, George; Gkotsis, Ilias; Heckel, Marcel; Olunczek, Andrej; Hedel, Ralf; Kostaridis, Antonis; Moutzouris, Marios; Panunzi, Simona; Seynaeve, Geert; Tsekeridou, Sofia; Vergeti, Danae (2019-01-01)
      We present the IMPRESS software system; a tool that can support the first responders in cases of disaster management and resources allocation and the optimization of response to large-scale emergencies. This is a multi-level ...