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    • HELP: Modelling the spectral energy distributions of Herschel detected galaxies in the ELAIS N1 field 

      Małek, Katarzyna E.; Buat, Véronique; Roehlly, Y.; Burgarella, Denis; Hurley, Peter Donald; Shirley, R.; Duncan, Kenneth J.; Efstathiou, Andreas; Papadopoulos, Andreas; Vaccari, Mattia; Farrah, Duncan G.; Marchetti, L.; Oliver, Sebastian James (2018-12-01)
      Aims. The Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project (HELP) focuses on the data from ESA's Herschel mission, which covered over 1300 deg2 and is preparing to publish a multi-wavelength catalogue of millions of objects. Our main ...