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    • Laparoscopic Compared to Open Repeat Hepatectomy for Colorectal Liver Metastases: a Multi-institutional Propensity-Matched Analysis of Short- and Long-Term Outcomes 

      Hallet, Julie; Sa Cunha, Antonio; Cherqui, Daniel; Gayet, Brice; Goéré, Diane; Bachellier, Philippe; Laurent, Alexis; Fuks, David; Navarro, Françis; Pessaux, Patrick; Lignier, Delphine; Régimbeau, Jean Marc; Barbieux, Julien P.; Lermite, Émilie; Hamy, Antoine P.; Mauvais, François; Laurent, Christophe; Naasan, Irchid Al; Laurent, Alexis; Azoulay, Daniel; Compagnon, Philippe; Lim, Chetana; Idrissi, Mohammed Sbai; Martin, Frédéric; Atger, Jérôme; Baulieux, Jacques; Darnis, B.; Mabrut, J.Y.; Kepenekian, V.; Perinel, J.; Adham, Mustapha; Glehen, O.; Rivoire, M.; Hardwigsen, J.; Palen, A.; Grégoire, E.; LeTreut, Y.P.; Delpero, J.R.; Turrini, O.; Herrero, A.; Navarro, F.; Panaro, F.; Ayav, A.; Bresler, L.; Rauch, P.; Guillemin, F.; Marchal, F.; Gugenheim, J.; Iannelli, A.; Benoist, S.; Brouquet, A.; Pocard, M.; Dico, R.L.; Gayet, B.; Fuks, D.; Scatton, O.; Soubrane, O.; Vaillant, J.-C.; Piardi, T.; Sommacale, D.; Kianmanesh, R.; Roche-sur-Yon, L.; Comy, M.; Bachellier, P.; Oussoultzoglou, E.; Addeo, Pietro F.; Ntourakis, Dimitrios; Pessaux, P.; Mutter, D.; Marescaux, J.; Raoux, L.; Suc, B.; Muscari, F.; Elhomsy, G.; Gelli, M.; Cunha, A.S.; Adam, R.; Castaing, D.; Cherqui, D.; Pittau, G.; Ciacio, O.; Vibert, E.; Elias, D.; Goére, D.; Vittadello, F. (2017-12-01)
      Introduction: While uptake of laparoscopic hepatectomy has improved, evidence on laparoscopic re-hepatectomy (LRH) for colorectal liver metastases (CRLMs) is limited and has never been compared to the open approach. We ...
    • Robotic distal splenopancreatectomy: Bridging the gap between pancreatic and minimal access surgery 

      Ntourakis, Dimitrios; Marzano, Ettore; Penza, Patricia Alexandra Lopez; Bachellier, Philippe; Jaeck, Daniel; essaux, Patrick (2010-05-07)
      Introduction: Almost 10 years have passed since computer-aided, most commonly known as robotic surgery, has emerged gaining slowly but steadily its place within minimally invasive surgical procedures. Nevertheless, pancreatic ...
    • Splenic vein-inferior mesenteric vein anastomosis to lessen left-sided portal hypertension after pancreaticoduodenectomy with concomitant vascular resection 

      Ferreira, Nélio; Oussoultzoglou, Elíe; Fuchshuber, Pascal R.; Ntourakis, Dimitrios; Narita, Masato; Rather, Mudassir; Rosso, Edoardo; Addeo, Pietro F.; Pessaux, Patrick; Jaeck, Daniel; Bachellier, Philippe (2011-12-01)
      Hypothesis: A splenic vein (SV)-inferior mesenteric vein (IMV) anastomosis reduces congestion of the stomach and spleen after pancreaticoduodenectomy with resection of the SV-mesenteric vein confluence but carries a risk ...