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    • Hypomethylation of MB-COMT promoter is a major risk factor for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 

      Abdolmaleky, Hamid Mostafavi; Cheng, Kuanghung; Faraone, Stephen V.; Wilcox, Marsha A.; Glatt, Stephen J.; Gao, Fangming; Smith, Cassandra L.; Shafa, Rahim; Aeali, Batol; Carnevale, Julie; Pan, Hongjie; Papageorgis, Panagiotis; Ponte, Jose F.; Sivaraman, Vadivelu; Tsuang, Ming TSO; Thiagalingam, Sam (2006-11-01)
      The variability in phenotypic presentations and the lack of consistency of genetic associations in mental illnesses remain a major challenge in molecular psychiatry. Recently, it has become increasingly clear that altered ...