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    • Single-molecule magnets: A family of MnIII/CeIV complexes with a [Mn8CeO8]12+ core 

      Mishra, Abhudaya; Tasiopoulos, Anastasios J.; Wernsdorfer, Wolfgang; Moushi, Eleni E.; Moulton, Brian; Zaworotko, Michael J.; Abboud, Khalil A.; Christou, George (2008-06-02)
      Four heterometallic, enneanuclear Mn8Ce clusters [Mn 8CeO8(O2CMe)12(H2O) 4] (4), [Mn8CeO8(O2CMe) 12(py)4] (5), [Mn8CeO8(O 2CPh)12(MeCN)4] [Mn8CeO 8(O2CPh)12(dioxane)4] (6), and [Mn8CeO8(O2CCHPh2) 12(H2O)4] (7) have been ...