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    • Adaptive optics discovery of supernova 2004ip in the nuclear regions of the luminous infrared galaxy IRAS 18293-3413 

      Mattila, Seppo; Väisänen, Petri H.; Farrah, Duncan G.; Efstathiou, Andreas; Meikle, W. P.S.; Dahlén, Tomas; Fransson, Claes; Lira, Paulina; Lundqvist, Peter; Östlin, Göran; Ryder, Stuart D.; Sollerman, Jesper (2007-04-10)
      We report a supernova discovery in Ks-band images from the NAOS CONICA adaptive optics (AO) system on the ESO Very Large Telescope. The images were obtained as part of a near-infrared search for highly obscured supernovae ...
    • Adaptive optics imaging and optical spectroscopy of a multiple merger in a luminous infrared galaxy 

      Väisänen, Petri H.; Mattila, Seppo S.; Kniazev, A.; Adamo, Angela; Efstathiou, Andreas; Farrah, Duncan G.; Johansson, Peter H.; Östlin, Göran; Buckley, David A.H.; Burgh, Eric B.; Crause, Lisa A.; Hashimoto, Yasuhiro; Lira, Paulina; Loaring, Nicola S.; Nordsieck, Kenneth H.; Romero-Colmenero, Encarni; Ryder, Stuart D.; Still, Martin D.; Albert A. Zijlstra, Albert (2008-03-01)
      We present near-infrared (NIR) adaptive optics imaging obtained with VLT/NACO and optical spectroscopy from the Southern African Large Telescope of a luminous IR galaxy (LIRG) IRAS 19115-2124. These data are combined with ...
    • Core-collapse supernovae missed by optical surveys 

      Mattila, Seppo S.; Dahlén, Tomas; Efstathiou, Andreas; Kankare, Erkki; Melinder, Jens; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Pérez-Torres, M. A.; Ryder, Stuart D.; Väisänen, Petri H.; Östlin, Göran (2012-09-10)
      We estimate the fraction of core-collapse supernovae (CCSNe) that remain undetected by optical SN searches due to obscuration by large amounts of dust in their host galaxies. This effect is especially important in luminous ...