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    • Ultra high speed SHA-256 hashing cryptographic module for IPSEC hardware/software codesign 

      Michail, Harris E.; Athanasiou, George S.; Kritikakou, Angeliki S.; Goutis, Constantinos E.; Gregoriades, Andreas; Lesta, Vicky Papadopoulou (2010-12-01)
      Nowadays, more than ever, security is considered to be critical issue for all electronic transactions. This is the reason why security services like those described in IPSec are mandatory to IPV6 which will be adopted as ...
    • UMOD: A Device for Monitoring Postoperative Urination 

      Katzis, Konstantinos; Despotou, George; Jones, Richard William (2018-01-01)
      A Urine Monitoring Device (UMOD) has been designed and implemented for monitoring postoperative urination. This device has been created primarily to assist nurses and doctors monitor patients during their postoperative and ...
    • Unbiased Large Spectroscopic Surveys of Galaxies Selected by SPICA Using Dust Bands 

      Kaneda, Hidehiro; Ishihara, Daisuke; Oyabu, Shinki; Yamagishi, Mitsuyoshi; Wada, Takehiko; Armus, Lee; Baes, Maarten; Charmandaris, Vassilis; Czerny, Bozena; Efstathiou, Andreas; Fernández-Ontiveros, Juan Antonio; Ferrara, Andrea; González-Alfonso, Eduardo; Griffin, Matthew J.; Gruppioni, Carlotta; Hatziminaoglou, Evanthia; Imanishi, Masatoshi; Kohno, Kotaro; Kwon, Jungmi; Nakagawa, Takao; Onaka, Takashi; Pozzi, Francesca; Scott, Douglas J.; Smith, John David T.; Spinoglio, L.; Suzuki, Toyoaki; Van Der Tak, Floris F.S.; Vaccari, Mattia; Vignali, Cristian; Wang, Lingyu (2017-01-01)
      The mid-infrared range contains many spectral features associated with large molecules and dust grains such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and silicates. These are usually very strong compared to fine-structure gas ...
    • Uncommon course of the ulnar artery 

      Troupis, Theodore G.; Tsakotos, George A.; Michalinos, Adamantios; Piagkou, Maria Nikolaos; Johnson, Elizabeth O.; Xanthos, Theodoros; Skandalakis, Panagiotis N. (2011-12-01)
    • Uncontrollable bodies: Greek Cypriot women talk about the transition to menopause 

      Christoforou, Andri (2018-09-01)
      In this article, I explore Greek Cypriot women's interpretations and experiences of menopause and the menopausal body. The findings presented here illustrate that the menopausal body is commonly interpreted and experienced ...
    • Unequal power relations and inclusive education policy making: A discursive analytic approach 

      Liasidou, Anastasia (2011-11-01)
      In order to challenge individual deficit imperatives and discursive binaries of "normality and abnormality," which have traditionally held sway over the education of children with presumed special educational needs (SEN), ...
    • Universal Sex Differences in the Desire for Sexual Variety: Tests from 52 Nations, 6 Continents, and 13 Islands 

      Schmitt, David P.; Alcalay, Lidia; Allïk, Jüri; Ault, Lara K.; Austers, Ivars; Bennett, Kevin; Bianchi, Gabriel; Boholst, Fredrick A.; Borg Cunen, Mary Ann; Braeckman, Johan; Brainerd, Edwin G.; Caral, Leo Gerard A.; Caron, Gabrielle; Martina Casullo, Maria; Cunningham, Michael R.; Daibo, Ikuo; De Backer, Charlotte J.S.; De Souza, Eros; Díaz-Loving, Rolando; Diniz, Gláucia Ribeiro Starling; Durkin, Kevin; Echegaray, Marcela; Eremsoy, Ekin; Euler, Harald A.; Falzon, Ruth; Fisher, Maryanne L.; Foley, Dolores; Fry, Douglas P.; Arif Ghayur, M.; Golden, Debra L.; Grammer, Karl; Grimaldi, Liria T.; Halberstadt, Jamin Brett; Herrera, D.; Hertel, J.; Hoffmann, H.; Hooper, D.; Hradilekova, Z.a; Hudek-Kene-evi, J.; Jaafar, J.; Jankauskaite, M.; Kabangu-Stahel, H.; Kardum, I.; Khoury, B.; Kwon, H.; Laidra, K.; Laireiter, A.-R.; Lakerveld, D.; Lampert, A.; Lauri, M.; Lavallée, M.; Lee, S.-J.; Chung Leung, L.; Locke, K.D.; Locke, V.; Luksik, I.; Magaisa, I.; Marcinkeviciene, D.; Mata, A.; Mata, R; McCarthy, B.; Mills, M.E.; Moreira, J.; Moreira, S.; Moya, M.; Munyae, Margaret M.; Noller, P.; Opre, A.; Panayiotou, A.; Petrovic, N.; Poels, K.; Popper, M.; Poulimenou, M.; P'yatokha, V.; Raymond, M.; Reips, U.-D.; Reneau, S.E.; Rivera-Aragon, S.; Rowatt, W.C.; Ruch, W.; Rus, V.S.; Safir, M.P.; Salas, S.; Sambataro, F; Sandnabba, K.N.; Schulmeyer, M.K.; Schütz, A.; Scrimali, T.; Shackelford, T.K.; Shaver, P.R.; Sichona, F.; Simonetti, F.; Sineshaw, T.; Speelman, T.; Spyrou, Spyros; Sümer, H.C.; Sümer, N.; Supekova, M.; Szlendak, T.; Taylor, R.; Timmermans, B.; Tooke, W.; Tsaousis, I.; Tungaraza, F.S.K.; Vandermassen, G.; Vanhoomissen, T.; Van Overwalle, F.; Vanwesenbeeck, I.; Vasey, P.L.; Verissimo, J.; Voracek, M.; Wan, W.W.N.; Wang, T.-W.; Weiss, P.; Wijaya, A.; Woertman, L.; Youn, G.; Zupanèiè, A (2003-07-01)
      Evolutionary psychologists have hypothesized that men and women possess both long-term and short-term mating strategies, with men's short-term strategy differentially rooted in the desire for sexual variety. In this article, ...
    • Unravelling the history of hepatitis B virus genotypes A and D infection using a full- genome phylogenetic and phylogeographic approach 

      Kostaki, Evangelia; Karamitros, Timokratis; Stefanou, Garyfallia; Mamais, Ioannis A.; Angelis, Konstantinos; Hatzakis, Angelos E.; Kramvis, Anna; Paraskevis, Dimitrios (2018-08-07)
      Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection constitutes a global public health problem. In order to establish how HBV was disseminated across different geographic regions, we estimated the levels of regional clustering for genotypes ...
    • Unveiling the AGN in IC 883: Discovery of a parsec-scale radio jet 

      Romero-Cañizales, Cristina; Alberdi, A.; Ricci, Claudio; Arévalo, Patricia; Pérez-Torres, M. A.; Conway, John E.; Beswick, Robert J.; Bondi, Marco; Muxlow, Thomas W.B.; Argo, Megan K.; Bauer, Franz E.; Efstathiou, Andreas; Herrero-Illana, Rubén; Mattila, Seppo S.; Ryder, Stuart D. (2017-01-01)
      IC 883 is a luminous infrared galaxy (LIRG) classified as a starburst-active galactic nucleus (AGN) composite. In a previous study, we detected a low-luminosity AGN (LLAGN) radio candidate. Here, we report on our radio ...
    • Upper extremity reflex sympathetic dystrophy 

      Soucacos, Panayotis N.; Johnson, Elizabeth O. (2000-01-01)
    • Usability guidelines for the design of robot teleoperation: A taxonomy 

      Adamides, George; Christou, Georgios; Katsanos, Christos; Xenos, Michalis Nik; Hadzilacos, Thanassis (2015-04-01)
      This paper presents a taxonomy of design guidelines for robot teleoperation developed from a focused literature review of robot teleoperation. A list of user interface design guidelines was assembled, open card sorting and ...
    • Use of complementary and alternative medicine by children in Europe: Published data and expert perspectives 

      Zuzak, Tycho J.; Boňková, Johanna; Careddu, Domenico; Garami, Miklós; Hadjipanayis, Adamos; Jazbec, Janez; Merrick, Joav; Miller, Joyce; Ozturk, Candan; Persson, Ingrid A.L.; Petrova, Guenka; Saz Peiró, Pablo; Schraub, Simon; Simões-Wüst, A. Paula; Steinsbekk, Aslak; Stockert, Karin; Stoimenova, Assena; Styczynski, Jan; Tzenova-Savova, Alexandra; Ventegodt, Søren; Vlieger, Arine M.; Längler, Alfred (2013-04-01)
      Summary IntroductionFew data document the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in Europe, with even fewer investigating use by children. MethodsA narrative, non-systematic review of CAM use in Europe was ...
    • Use of electronic health records by child primary healthcare providers in Europe 

      Grossman, Zachi; Del Torso, Stefano; Van Esso, Diego L.; Ehrich, Jochen H.H.; Altorjai, P.; Mazur, Artur; Wyder, Corinne; Neves, A. M.; Dornbusch, Hans Juergen; Jaeger-Roman, Elke; Santucci, A.; Hadjipanayis, Adamos (2016-11-01)
      Background: There is limited data on the use and functionality level of electronic health records (EHRs) supporting primary child health care in Europe. Our objective was to determine European primary child healthcare ...
    • Use of social media for sexual health promotion 

      Papaefthimiou, E.; Galanis, Petros; Lavranos, Giagkos M.; Lamnisos, Demetris (2018-04-01)
      INTRODUCTION: The wide use of social media in the last years changed decisively the way that a variety of health organizations tried to form effective health promotion campaigns. OBJECTIVE: To conduct a systematic literature ...
    • Use of the impedance threshold device improves survival rate and neurological outcome in a swine model of asphyxial cardiac arrest* 

      Pantazopoulos, Ioannis N.; Xanthos, Theodoros; Vlachos, Ioannis S.; Troupis, Georgios T.; Johnson, Elizabeth O.; Papalois, Apostolos E.; Skandalakis, Panagiotis N. (2012-03-01)
      OBJECTIVE: To assess whether intermittent impedance of inspiratory gas exchange improves hemodynamic parameters, 48-hr survival, and neurologic outcome in a swine model of asphyxial cardiac arrest treated with active ...
    • Use of the impedance threshold device: Is it underestimated in the 2010 resuscitation guidelines? 

      Pantazopoulos, Ioannis N.; Stroumpoulis, K.; Xanthos, Theodoros (2011-11-01)
    • User interface considerations for telerobotics: The case of an agricultural robot sprayer 

      Adamides, George; Katsanos, Christos; Christou, Georgios; Xenos, Michalis Nik; Papadavid, Georgios C.; Hadzilacos, Thanassis (2014-01-01)
      Agricultural robots can tackle harsh working conditions and hardness of work, as well as the shortage of laborers that is a bottleneck to agricultural production. Such robots exist, but they are not yet widespread. We ...
    • User-contributed relevance and nearest neighbor queries 

      Efstathiades, Christodoulos; Pfoser, Dieter (2013-08-13)
      Novel Web technologies and resulting applications have lead to a participatory data ecosystem that when utilized properly will lead to more rewarding services. In this work, we investigate the case of Location-based Services ...
    • Using a blended-learning approach to support parent education in math and science 

      Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Maria; Mavrotheris, Efstathios; Paparistodemou, Efi (2008-01-01)
      At a time when mathematics and science provide essential knowledge tools and the foundations for lifelong learning skills, cross-national studies of student achievement indicate lack of mathematical and scientific competence ...